Thursday, March 24, 2011

Acting on Impulse.

Well, hello, I'm Sam. Nice to meet you. I'm not really sure why I created a blog... I have no sad story, epic achievements, or a crazy life worth sharing with everyone. I'm just a typical 18 year old counting down the days until I graduate. I honestly can't wait to move out and be on my own. It's really time for me to be thrown into the "real world." I think I can handle it.... I've always been independent and my parents always made me work for things. I've had the same job since I was 15, so I'd call myself pretty responsible... unlike my two brothers. Zach, the oldest, only had two jobs when he was in high school and has kept a steady one working at the library while he gets his degree. Doug, the middle child, could never keep a job. He always complained too much and I'm surprised he's actually kept his current one for this long. Anyways, only 64 days left until May 27, 2011.